Dmitri Kotelevski, Photographic Manager - New Zealand Encounters and Travel

Dmitri Kotelevski, Photographic Manager

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Dmitri Kotelevski, Photographic Manager

Life before New Zealand Encounters.
I was born and grew up in Russia where I received my first bachelor degree in Linguistics in Vladivostok. After graduation I worked for the consumer electronics department of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd in the marketing department. Big hopes were laid on me by my management and I was sent to particiapte in a globalisation management course in South Korea for a year, which I enjoyed very much. At that point I realised that I like travelling and decided that I would like to travel more. After a short period of time upon return from Korea I laid my eyes on New Zealand and moved here at the end of 2000. In New Zealand I received my second bachelor degree with a marketing major. Since graduation I've been teaching business in Auckland but in the early autumn of 2007, Fernvision New Zealand was born which is consuming more and more of my time (

The company provides superior quality photograpic services for all business and personal needs. In May this year it brought me to New Zealand Encounters where Fernvision is now based and my job with the company as their Photographic Manager. I'm proud to be part of a growing team of great people and that my pictures will be seen by so many across the world viewing the company websites.

Favourite New Zealand Destination and why?
Every place in New Zealand is more beautiful than the previous. I still cannot believe that Aotearoa has so many surprises yet to offer. At the moment my favourite places are Auckland and Rotorua, but who knows, maybe I will change my mind tomorrow.

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